Travel Writing

Travel Writing

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Beyond Bacalhau: Tasting the Iconic Foods of Portugal, AFAR, 2019
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Civil Rights in Atlanta: Key Sites in Martin Luther King Jr’s Hometown, Lonely Planet, 2015
Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Insider’s Guide to Spas, 2015
Top 10 bars in São Paulo, Brazil, The Guardian, 2014
Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Brazilian Churrascaria but Were Afraid to Ask, Lonely Planet, 2014
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New World Discovery, Celebrated Living, Fall 2014
Are You Ready for Some Futebol, American Way, June 2014
Buzios, Rhapsody, June 2014
Brazil, Colours, April 2014
The Insider Guide: Dominican Republic, Thomas Cook Travel, Feb. 2014
Hot Nights: The Global Bar Hop, Condé Nast Traveler, July 2013
Brave New World, Time Out São Paulo, June 2013
Across the Universe (India), Guitar Aficionado, Oct 2012
A Weekend in Manaus, American Way, July 1, 2012
The House of Sand, MorningCalm, June 2012
Undiscovered Beaches, Travel+Leisure, March 2012

The Full Brazilian, New York Times T Magazine, Dec. 4, 2011
The Big Chile, Guitar Aficionado, Nov/Dec 2011
Land of the Lost, American Way, Aug 2011
Urbane Renewal (Glasgow), Guitar Aficionado, July/Aug 2011
The Pleasure of Business (São Paulo), Guitar Aficionado, Winter 2010
The Sound of Silence, Time Out: São Paulo, November 2010
Land of Enchantment, American Way, June 2010
Sao Paulo Sensation, Town & Country, April 2010
Sites to Behold, Continental, February 2010
Uxua Casa Hotel, Organic Spa, November-December 2009
Uxua, Robb Report, October 2009
Shambala, Robb Report, September 2009
The Greening of Sao Paulo, Continental, September 2009
Blame It on Sao Paulo, Modern Luxury, October 2008
Explora Easter Island, Town & Country, Fall 2008
Beetle Mania, American Way, May 2008
Out of India, Affluent Traveler, 2008
Vietnam, New Idea, November 2007
Preserving South America’s Wetland, American Way, October 2007
Club Med, American Way, August 2007
A Kiwi Road Trip, American Way, February 2007
Taiwan’s Paradise Lost, New Idea, October 2006
The Light and the Dark of It Part II, American Way, October 2006
Alaska Psyche II, American Way, October 2006
Coober Pedy, American Way, May 2006
NZ Road Trip, New Idea, March 2006
Brazil’s Hidden Beaches, Travel+Leisure, Jan. 2006
Lady of the Night, American Way, December 2005
Going Solo in Memphis, American Way, June 2005
Take a Dip in Bad Homburg, American Way, May 2005
A Gentleman’s Germany, American Way, April 2005
The Coolest Hotel in the World, American Way, October 2003

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