Kevin Raub is an Italy-based travel and entertainment journalist who grew up in Atlanta and started his career in entertainment in New York, working for Men’s Journal and Rolling Stone magazines and “freelancing” (i.e. interviewing hot young actresses about their sex lives over a few too many cocktails) for men’s magazines like FHM, Stuff and Maxim. He spent five years in Los Angeles as the senior writer for, CDNOW’s now-defunct (thank you,!) groundbreaking online music news site.

The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle took its toll, so he needed an extended vacation and took up travel writing. For the last decade, Raub has scoured the globe for a variety of publications, including CNN, Travel+Leisure, Condé Nast Traveller, Afar, Robb Report, New York Times T Magazine, Departures, Town & Country, Paradise, American Way (American Airlines), Rhapsody (United Airlines), Culture Trip, Dream of Italy, Celebrated Living, Angeleno, Guitar Aficionado, Time Out: São Paulo, BBC History, New York Post, World Nomads and the Guardian, among others. From the top of the El Toco volcano in Chile’s Atacama Desert (18,372) to the Dead Sea in Israel (-1,385 ft), Raub has nearly seen it all, covering both high-end luxury travel and backpacker bargains – just to keep it all in perspective. Along the way, he’s snapped a few photos and drank his way to an amateur connoisseurship in the fine arts of …craft beer (Cicerone Certified Beer Server here)!


Raub spent seven years on Brazilian soil, canvassing the South American Giant one caipirinha at a time on his way to getting to know 22 Brazilian states for a variety of American and international publications. A well-known Brazil expert, he also handled all of Lonely Planet‘s on-the-ground social media coverage during the FIFA 2014 World Cup before relocating to Portugal the following year and on to Italy in 2019.

Raub is the co-author of over 100 Lonely Planet travel guides, including Brazil (7th Ed.; 2008), Mexico (11th Ed.; 2008); Chile & Easter Island (8th Ed.; 2009), The Carolinas, Georgia & The South: Trips (1st Ed.; 2009); Colombia (5th Ed.; 2009), Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2010 (2nd Revised Ed.; 2009); South America on a Shoestring (11th Ed.; 2010); Venezuela (6th Ed.; 2010), Central America on a Shoestring (7th Ed.; 2010), Brazil (8th Ed.; 2010); India (14th Ed.; 2011), South India & Kerala (6th Ed.; 2011), Discover India (1st Ed.; 2011); Dominican Republic & Haiti (5th Ed.; 2011), Caribbean Islands (6th Ed.; 2011), USA (7th Ed.; 2011), Eastern USA (1st Ed.; 2011), Discover USA (1st Ed.; 2011), Colombia (6th Ed.; 2012), Chile & Easter Island (9th Ed.; 2012), Peru (8th Ed.; 2013), South America on a Shoestring (12th Ed.; 2013), Discover Peru (2nd Ed.; 2013), India (15th Ed.; 2013), Discover India (2nd Ed.; 2013), Brazil (9th Ed.; 2013), Dominican Republic (6th Ed.; 2014), Caribbean Islands (6th Ed.; 2014), Discover Caribbean Islands (1st. Ed.; 2014), Colombia (7th Ed.; 2015), India (16th Ed.; 2015), Discover India (3rd Ed.; 2015), Rajasthan, Delhi & Agra (4th Ed.; 2015), Chile & Easter Island (10th Ed.; 2015), USA (9th Ed.; 2016), Discover USA (3rd Ed.; 2016), Eastern USA (3rd Ed.; 2016), Lonely Planet’s Best of USA (1st Ed.; 2016), Civil War Trail: Road Trips (1st Ed.; 2016), Brazil (10th Ed.; 2016), South America on a Shoestring (13th Ed.; 2016), Portugal (10th Ed.; 2017), Europe (2nd Ed.; 2017), Western Europe (13th Ed.; 2017), India (17th Ed.; 2017), South India & Kerala (9th Ed.; 2017), Dominican Republic (7th Ed.; 2017), Caribbean Islands (7th Ed.; 2017), Discover Caribbean Islands (2nd. Ed.; 2017), Discover India (4th Ed.; 2017), Best of India (1st Ed.; 2017), USA (10th Ed.; 2017), Discover USA (4th Ed.; 2017), Eastern USA (4th Ed.; 2017), USA Best Trips (3rd Ed.; 2018), Florida & the South’s Best Trips (3rd Ed.; 2017), Italy (13th Ed.; 2018), Colombia (8th Ed.; 2018), Europe on a Shoestring (10th Ed.; 2018), Dubai & Abu Dhabi (9th Ed.; 2018), Chile & Easter Island (11th Ed.; 2018), Georgia & the Carolinas (2nd Ed.; 2019), Great Smoky Mountains National Park (1st Ed.; 2019), Pocket Lisbon (4th Ed.; 2019), Brazil (11th Ed.; 2019), Eastern Europe (15th Ed.; 2019), Western Balkans (3rd. Ed.; 2019), Portugal (11th Ed.; 2019), Discover Portugal (2nd Ed.; 2019), Best of Portugal 2 (2nd Ed.; 2019), India (18th Ed.; 2019), South India & Kerala (10th Ed.; 2019), Goa & Mumbai (8th Ed.; 2019), Discover India (5th Ed.; 2019), Best of South America (1st Ed.; 2019), Discover South America (1st Ed.; 2019), South America (14th Ed.; 2019), Cruise Ports Mediterranean Europe (1st Ed.; 2019), Western Europe (14th Ed.; 2019), Italy (14th Ed., 2019), Greece (14th Ed., 2020), Crete (7th Ed.; 2020), Greek Islands (11th Ed.; 2020), Best of Greece & the Greek Islands (1st Ed.; 2020), USA (11th Ed.; 2020), Eastern USA (5th Ed.; 2020), Best of USA (3rd Ed.; 2020), Chicago (9th Ed.; 2020), Hawai’i the Big Island (5th Ed.; 2021), Best of Hawai’i (2nd Ed.; 2021), Trip Builder (1st Ed.; 2021), Lonely Planet’s Best Places to Eat in Every Country (1st Ed.; 2021), New York City (12th Ed.; 2022), Pocket New York City (8th Ed.; 2022), Italy (reprint, 2021), Greece (reprint, 2021), Greek Islands (reprint, 2021), Colombia (reprint, 2021), South America (reprint, 2022), Europe (reprint, 2022), Experience Italy (1st Ed.; 2022), India (19th Ed.; 2022), Best Road Trips Europe (2nd Ed.; 2022), Italy (16th Ed.; 2023), Sweden (8th Ed.; 2023), Scandinavia (14th Ed.; 2023), Chile (12th Ed.; 2023), Brazil (13th Ed.; 2023); and the forthcoming India (20th Ed.; 2024) Italy (17th Ed.; 2025) and Experience Italy (2nd Ed.; 2025).

Green Groomer

Lonely Planet Kevin Raub ok

On the few days he’s home, Raub once spent an inordinate amount of time slathering on organic cosmetics for his bi-monthly organic grooming column for men, The Green Guy’s Grooming Guide, which appeared in Organic Spa for several years, but constant battles with the Brazilian food and drug administration caused it to meet its demise in 2011 (now, he just slathers it on for fun). Raub also scoured Brazilian soil as the ‘Brazil Insider’ for LATAM’s Only in South America blog for a few years as well.

Raub stumbled upon his 100th country and territory in 2018, becoming a member of the long-coveted Traveler’s Century Club. His country count currently stands at 108.