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I  began writing for Lonely Planet in 2007 and it has been one of the most  fulfilling professional challenges I have taken on. And with it comes an oddly  undeserved celebrity status and few more autograph requests than I’m used to  entertaining. Pure craziness. But it’s a privilege to be a part of one of the  world’s most inspiring travel brands. To purchase current  editions of guidebooks, check the Lonely Planet online shop.

(14thth Ed.; 2023)

(8th Ed.; 2023)

(16th. Ed.; 2023)

Epic Road Trips of the Americas
(1st Ed.; 2022)

(12th Ed.; 2022)

(19th Ed.; 2022)

South America
(15th Ed.; 2022)

(4th Ed.; 2022)

Experience Italy
(1st Ed.; 2022)

Pocket New York City
(8th Ed.; 2022)

New York City
(12th Ed.; 2022)

Trip Builder
(1st Ed.; 2021)

(15th Ed.; 2021)

Greek Islands
(12th Ed.; 2021)

(15th Ed.; 2021)

(9th Ed.; 2021)

Hawaii the Big Island 5
(5th Ed.; 2021)

Best of Hawaii 2
(2nd Ed.; 2021)

Lonely Planet’s Best Places to Eat in Every Country
(1st Ed.; 2021)

Italy’s Best Trips (3rd Ed.; 2020)

Best of New York City 2021

Best of New York City (5th Ed.; 2020)

Best of Greece and the Greek Islands 1

Best of Greece & the Greek Islands (1st Ed.; 2020)

New York City 12

New York City (12th Ed.; 2020)

Chicago 9

Chicago (9th Ed.; 2020)

Best of USA 3

Best of USA (3rd Ed.; 2020)

Eastern USA 5

Eastern USA (5th Ed.; 2020)

USA 11

USA (11th Ed.; 2020)

Greek Islands 11

Greek Islands (14th Ed.; 2020)

Crete 7

Crete (7th Ed.; 2020)

Greece 14

Greece (14th Ed., 2020)

Italy 14

Italy (14th Ed., 2019)

Western Europe 14

Western Europe (14th Ed.; 2019)

Cruise Ports Mediterranean Europe 1 2019

Cruise Ports Mediterranean Europe (1st Ed.; 2019)

South America 14 2019

South America (14th Ed.; 2019)

Best of South America 1

Best of South America (1st Ed.; 2019)

Goa and Mumbai 8

Goa & Mumbai (8th Ed.; 2019)

South India and Kerala 10

South India & Kerala (10th Ed.; 2019)

India 18

India (18th Ed.; 2019)

Best of Portugal 2

Best of Portugal 2 (2nd Ed.; 2019)

Discover Portugal 1

Discover Portugal (2nd Ed.; 2019)

Portugal 11

Portugal (11th Ed.; 2019)

Western Balkans 3

Western Balkans (3rd. Ed.; 2019)

Eastern Europe 15

Eastern Europe (15th Ed.; 2019)

Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
(1st Ed.; 2019)

Brazil 11

Brazil (11th Ed.; 2019)

Europe on a Shoestring

Europe on a Shoestring (10th Ed.; 2018)

Wellness escapes

Wellness Escapes (1st. Ed.; 2018)


Georgia & the Carolinas (2nd Ed.; 2019)

Pocket lisbon 4

Pocket Lisbon (4th Ed.; 2019)

Dubai and abu dhabi 9.9781786570727.browse.0

Dubai & Abu Dhabi (9th Ed.; 2018)

USA s Best Trips 2018

USA Best’s Trips (3rd. Ed.; 2018)

Lonely Planets Global Coffee Tour 2018

Global Coffee Tour (1st. Ed.; 2018)


Chile & Easter Island (11th Ed.; 2018)

USA 10

USA (10th Ed.; 2018)

Colombia 8

Colombia (8th Ed.; 2018)


Best of Europe (1st Ed.; 2017)


Eastern USA (4th Ed.; 2017)


Best of India (1st. Ed.; 2017)


Italy (13th Ed.; 2018)

Florida & the South's Best Trips 3

Florida & the South’s Best Trips (3rd Ed.; 2017)


Europe (2nd Ed.; 2017)

discover europe

Discover Europe (5th. Ed.; 2017)


Western Europe (13th Ed.; 2017)

Epic Drives of the World 2017

Epic Drives of the World (1st. Ed.; 2017)


Secret Marvels of the World (1st Ed.; 2017)


Caribbean Islands (7th Ed.; 2017)


Dominican Republic (7th Ed.; 2017)


Discover India (4th Ed.; 2017)


South India & Kerala (9th Ed.; 2017)


India (17th Ed.; 2017)


Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour (1st Ed.; 2017)

portugal 2017

Portugal (10th Ed.; 2017)

best in travel 2017

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017

food trails

Food Trails (1st Ed.; 2016)

south america on a shoestring

South America on a Shoestring (13th Ed.; 2016)

lonely planet discover usa 2016

Discover USA (3rd Ed.; 2016)

lonely planet brazil 10

Brazil (10th. Ed.; 2016)

worlds best drinks

Lonely Planet The World’s Bets Drinks (1st Ed.; 2016)

lonely planet eastern usa

Eastern USA (3rd Ed.; 2016)

lonely planet usa 9

USA (9th Ed.; 2015)

lonely planet colombia

Colombia (7th Ed.; 2015)

lonely planet chile easter island

Chile & Easter Island (10th. Ed.; 2015)

lonely planet the worlds best brunches

The World’s Best Brunches (1st Ed.; 2015)

lonely planet india

India (16th Ed.; 2015)

lonely planet discover india

Discover India (3rd. Ed.; 2015)

lonely planet caribbean islands

Discover Caribbean Islands (1st Ed.; 2014)

Lonely Planet Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic (6th Ed.; 2014)


Brazil (9th Ed.; 2013)

south america

South America on a Shoestring (12th Ed.; 2013)


India (15th Ed.; 2013)

best in travel 2014

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014 (5th Ed.; 2013)

discover peru

Discover Peru (2nd Ed.; 2013)


Peru (8th Ed.; 2013)


Chile & Easter Island (9th Ed.; 2012)


Colombia (6th Ed.; 2012)


USA (7th Ed.; 2011)

eastern usa

Eastern USA (1st Ed.; 2011)

discover usa

Discover USA (1st Ed.; 2011)

discover india

Discover India (1st Ed.; 2011)

caribbean islands

Caribbean Islands (6th Ed.; 2011)

dominican republic haiti

Dominican Republic & Haiti (5th Ed.; 2011)

south india

South India & Kerala (6th Ed.; 2011)


India (14th Ed.; 2011)


Brazil (8th Ed.; 2010)

central america

Central America on a Shoestring (7th Ed.; 2010)


Venezuela (6th Ed.; 2010)

south america

South America on a Shoestring (11th Ed.; 2010)


Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2010 (2nd Revised Ed.; 2009)


Colombia (5th Ed.; 2009)


The Carolinas, Georgia & The South: Trips (1st Ed.; 2009)


Chile & Easter Island (8th Ed.; 2009)


Mexico (11th Ed.; 2008)


Brazil (7th Ed.; 2008)